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2 Way Striping Pens


Our new range of two way nail art striper pens are extremely useful and an amazing addition to any nail technicians range of 'must have' tools. Not only do they have an integral striping brush inside the bottle lid but they also feature a very fine detail pen as well. It’s this dual feature in one product that gives nail artists the versatility to create unique designs straight onto the nail.

So How Do You Use a Two Way Nail Art Pen?

To use the striping brush. Simply turn the cap to reveal the brush and use it in the normal way.

To use the built in nail art pen. Shake the bottle and pull off the cap. Apply a small amount of pressure to the bottle by giving it a gentle squeeze until the nail paint becomes visible at the pen nib tip. Then its just a case of applying directly to the nails. You should not need to apply any pressure to the nail during use, pushing the pen nib onto the nail won’t alter the flow of paint from the pen. You will be very surprised at just how much detail you can produce with the ultra fine pen nib.

Our nail art striping / dotting pens also feature a handy little tool located in the base of each nail art pen, which can be used to unblock any dried nail paint from the pen nib should it become blocked. We always recommend that the pen nib is cleaned out using the tool after each use to maximise longevity and optimise flow.

Suitable Applications

The nail striping paints within the 2 way nail art pens are suitable for application over other polishes, gels, acrylics or shellac and takes a similar time to dry as nail polish.

How many colours are available in the nail art pen range?

We offer 24 individual colours which include colours, UV neon, metallic and sparkly glitters. Why not check out the entire 2 way nail striper range today.

So what do you need to get started in using a two way nail art pen?

  • A selection of 2 way nail art pens
  • Some nails to paint!
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