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Acrylic Gel Nail Art Brushes


All Nail Artists From Home Nail Art Enthusiasts To Professional Nail Technicians Requires A Variety Of Quality Nail Brushes.

Choosing the right nail brush for a technique can make the difference between a competition winning set of nails or an epic fail. With so many on the market which is the right nail brush for you? Don’t worry The Nail Art Company has you covered!

There are three main types of nail brush and each is specifically designed to compliment a specific task. So whether you’re into Gel or Acrylic nail enhancements or the beautiful world of Nail Art and design there is a brush for your specific needs.

The Three Main Types of Brush That a Nail Tech Will Most Often Use Are:

  • Powder & Liquid Brushes – For Acrylic Nail Extensions and Enhancements.
  • Gel Brushes – For Gel Nail Extensions and Enhancements.
  • Nail Art Brushes – For Painting and Freehand Nail Design.

Whilst there are many more brush types available they are often just variations in size or design. These are the mainstay of any nail artist or professional nail tech.

The Next Consideration is Quality. Natural fibres or Man Made?

Natural fibres such as the world renowned Kolinsky or Red Sable cost more but are simply the best quality. They perform better by retaining more of the medium you are using and deliver paint, gel or acrylic better as the flow characteristics are superior. Looked after correctly natural fibre nail brushes will far out last a man made fibre brush. The alternative is Nylon or Teklon brushes. These are cheaper and do perform well but you will have to renew them more often as the fibres are simply not as robust and are not as damage tolerant.

Great News - The Nail Art Company Has A Wide Range of Nail Brush Types.

We stock a wide selection to suit every nail artists budget. We have top of the line Kolinsky / Red Sable nail brushes for Gel, Acrylic and Nail Art which use natural fibres and are the pinnacle in quality and longevity. We also stock nylon and Teklon nail art brushes, which also perform well but at budget prices.

Whichever brush or brush set you choose for your nail work, remember to clean them thoroughly after use. Look after them well and they will give you many years of outstanding use.

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