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Caviar Micro Pearls


Caviar micro pearls or Bullion Beads are the latest fashion trend to hit the UK and European nail industry. These attractive microscopic beads deliver a unique 3D texture and style

Micro pearls are typically manufactured from glass and are available in a variety of shades and colours including Pastel, Vivid, and Clear , there is a colour to suit everyone’s taste and style.

Micro pearls and similar bead materials have been historically been used in nail art design for many years especially in Asia but have recently hit the headlines within the UK and European nail industry when a company by the name of Ciate made the public more aware with the launch of DIY kits.

Wherever you go Caviar Micro Pearls are definitely gaining traction and becoming more popular. They are very eye catching as they are not commonly worn as day to day to day nails, so be prepared for lots of positive remarks and nice comments when friends spot your caviar pearl manicured nails!

Add this new nail art technique to your repertoire of nail services and encourage your clients to try this new 3D nail look, you and your clients won't regret it!

How Are Caviar Pearls / Bullion Beads Used in Nail Art Design?

Caviar manicures nail art pearls are easy to apply. The process involves some simple steps and as with most things it's really easy when you know how.

  1. Begin by preparing your working area. Prep all the nails in the normal way. Now you’re ready to apply the micro pearl beads to the nail.
  2. Don't rush; work one nail at a time. Begin by applying your favourite colour nail polish or if you prefer a clear finish to the nail. Tip: If using a colour selects one that compliments the colour or shade of the pearls you intend to use.
  3. Choose an appropriate sized tray and place under the client’s hand and fingers. The purpose of the tray is to collect any spilt pearls during the application process. This is an important piece of advice because if you forget, the overspill beads will go all over the place, and your only option will be to vacuum them up.
  4. Ensuring the nail polish is still wet begin to pour the caviar beads over the wet nail polish or lacquer. You will notice that the beads will stick to the wet nail polish. Don’t worry about over spill as the tray underneath will catch them. Examine the coverage and once happy gently press and pat the beads down into the polish and let dry.
  5. Carefully clear and clean up by removing any excess beads that stick to or around the finger nails and cuticles with a wooden orange stick. Once dry finish and set the application with a couple of coats of your favourite top coat.

Recycle any overspill beads from the collection tray back into the storage bottle or pot using a small funnel and that basically completes the application. Stand back and admire!

How to Remove Caviar Micro Pearls / Bullion Beads

Simply soak off the product in the normal way using a soak off tray or foil soak off wraps and dispose of safely and environmentally.

Other Design & Application Ideas for Caviar Nail Art

  • You don't have to do every nail, experiment with a single signature nail to compliment other nail art techniques and materials.
  • Use the beads individually to create effects or try arranging them into patterns or combine with other nail art materials to create montage effects and designs.
  • Why not experiment and play to create something new and unique to your nail business. The possibilities are endless.
  • One of the key features of these minute beads is the ability to add depth and texture with a three dimensional aspect. As this technique gathers momentum promoting this in your nail salon or mobile nail business will drive more clients your way.

Choose Individual Colours or Colour Sets

Our range of nail art Caviar Pearls & Bullion Beads are supplied in clear plastic pots with a screw top lids. Each colour can be purchased individually or if you prefer even better value then why not consider choosing one of our Caviar Pearl Nail Art Sets. of colours our buy a range of colours as a set in our unique Nail Art Tubes. Each Set contains 12 colours supplied in an attractive polycarbonate tube.

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