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Dried Flowers

Be Inspired by Nature. 100% Natural, Dried Flowers Make the Perfect Nail Art Product.


Imagine beautifully colourful and delicate real flowers with attractive petals and detailed features on your nails.  Like the idea? Then you’re going to love our range of dried flower nail art products.

Our collection of flowers are cultivated and produced specifically for the nail art industry.  We can supply several varieties of dried flowers in a multitude of eye catching colours each of which is selected for its small size and beauty - perfect for the application in creative nail art design.

How to Use Dried Flowers in Nail Art

The tiny flower heads and petals are unique in shape so each application will be slightly different but more importantly enhance the overall natural look.

  1. The most common way to apply dried flower nail art is to encapsulate them in gel or acrylic.  The key benefit of this preferred method is that your clients will have much longer to enjoy them.
  2. Of course you also have the option of applying the dried flowers directly on top of the nail.  Use a layer of top coat to adhere them, then seal the flower for protection with another coat or two of your favourite top coat.  This method is quick to apply but typically does not last as long.  For best results with this method ensure the flowers are really flat to begin with.  It is a good idea to prepare the dried flowers in advance by flattening them using a heavy book.

Whichever method you prefer to adopt, the finished results will speak for themselves.  However take care not to saturate the flowers with too much monomer (if encapsulating) or too many strokes of top coat.  The liquids can cause the delicate petals to become somewhat transparent.

How to Remove Dried Flower Nail Art

Simply soak off the gel or acrylic nails in the normal way using a soak off tray or foil soak off wraps and the flowers will come away as part of the process.  Dispose of safely and responsibly.

Alternative Design & Application Ideas for Dry Flower Nail Art

  • You don't have to do every nail, experiment with a signature nail to compliment other nail art techniques, materials and the overall design.
  • Consider using just parts of the flower.  Using tweezers gentle tease and disassemble the flower to give you the freedom to arrange the petals and stamen parts in your own way.
  • Combine parts from different coloured flowers into a single design.

Available as Individual Pots or 12 Colour Tubes Sets

We have an extensive selection of dried flower nail art products.  There are 4 types of flower each available in 12 gorgeous colours.  That’s 48 unique products to choose from.

Our Dried Flower nail art products are supplied in clear plastic pot with a secure screw top lid.  We also offer cost effective sets, 4 types are available each contains 12 different colour pots in an attractive and convenient clear polyethylene nail art tube.  Nail Art tubes are unique to ‘The Nail Art Company’ and are a convenient way of keeping your nail art products together proving very popular with both mobile and salon based nail technicians.

If you have not tried using flower products in your nail art designs before then don't hold back.  It is really easy to achieve good results.  All it takes is a little inspiration and practice.  We will be creating and releasing 'Short How To' video in the near future.

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