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Fimo Canes


Fimo Nail Art Canes Are a Really Versatile and Useful Nail Art Product That Can Be Used in So Many Different Ways!

The canes are manufactured from coloured ceramic clays, (no, not the muddy kind!) and formed into very detailed profile designs which carry right through the length of the cane strip.

How Are Fimo Canes Used in Nail Art?

It's very easy! Basically you slice the canes into thick or wafer thin sections, which you can then use in your nail art designs. Each slice is really quite pliable and very easy to work with. You can use a single slice on its own or use two, three or more arranged in a pattern. Some nail technicians and artists like to cut the slices again in two or more pieces to create moon shapes, wedges and triangles. The possibilities are endless. Why not allow your imagination to run and see what designs you can develop? One of the features of these tiny little canes is that you can really add a bit of depth and almost a three dimensional look to your designs. Adding ceramic cane and Fimo designs to your range of nail services will give you the edge on the local competition.

Fimo Cane Application Ideas

Earlier we mentioned the versatility of these Fimo nail art canes. Well here are just some of the possibilities, there are many more.

  • To get a really long lasting design these tiny cane slices can easily be embedded into acrylic, gel and CND shellac applications, allowing your clients to enjoy them longer.
  • Fimo slices can be arranged on the nail into a chosen design and simply sealed with an appropriate top coat. Ultra thin slices work best in this application.
  • Thicker slices or more complex designs can be secured with a tiny amount of nail glue and again sealed with a top coat.
  • Overlap the slices into a collage and encapsulate in a gel or acrylic technique.

How to Remove Fimo Cane Nail Art

Simply soak off the product in the normal way using a soak off tray or foil soak off wraps and dispose of safely and environmentally.

Cane Nail Art Products Allow You to Create Inspiring and Unique Works of Art Easily and Quickly

Practice and create some principle designs that you can get comfortable and confident in producing. Try to come up with designs that are repeatable, that you can easily tailor to clients requirements. Make sure you have a good selection of different ceramic nail art canes or Fimo Canes to hand.

It's always a good idea to produce some examples and get the opinions of your friends and colleagues before offering them to your clients. Talk to your existing clients and find out what they like. Continue to develop your ideas and you will soon be producing awesome nail work with nail art canes.

Purchase as Individual Canes, Bundles or Pre Sliced Wheel Sets

We offer a great selection of nail art cane designs and colours which you can purchase individually or if you would like better value then consider our wheels sets or cane bundles. There are literally hundreds of designs and patterns to choose from, each of which looks great on its own, of even better when part of a more ambitious nail design!