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Crystal Glass Nail Files

Why Use Crystal Glass Nail Files


Glass nail files are a leading technology product in nail care, and as the name implies are manufactured from hardened and tempered crystal glass. The extremely hard nature of this material allows the abrasive filing surfaces to be uniformly roughened by an acid etch or sand blasting technique.  It is this unique manufacturing process combined with the hard crystalline material that delivers a truly effective filing surface that feels gentle but leaves the nail edges noticeably smoother. Crystal nail files when used regularly can help prevent nail disorders such as nail chipping.

There are many more advantages to using glass nail files.

  • Crystal nail files do not wear out like traditional metal or paper based disposable files.
  • Glass nail files are neither harmful to your health nor to the environment.
  • Crystal nail files can be easily washed clean and sterilized with heat, liquids or UV light for reuse.
  • Glass nail files do not corrode and become unsightly.
  • Crystal nail files are available in many attractive designs, some of which include Swarovski Elements, metal logos, sand blasted designs, hand painted designs and even precious metal handles.
  • Using crystal nail files as perceived by your customers and clients looks professional.
  • Using glass nail files provides a fantastic opportunity to up sell!

Crystal glass nail files are both appropriate and convenient for both professional and personal use. Apart from their superior performance when compared with traditional nail files, glass nail files are not porous and can therefore be sanitised and sterilized with heat, liquid sterilisers or UV lighting significantly reducing the risk of spreading bacterial or fungal nail infections without effecting its filing properties.

Glass nail files are suitable for use with both natural and artificial nails

However when filing artificial nails it is recommended that the file is dipped in water before and periodically during use.

One of the great benefits of the glass nail file is the many different shapes, sizes and decorated versions available.

Maintenance of a glass nail file is really simple.

To keep glass nail file clean, it is sufficient to rinse in clean running water after each use. To clean dirtier glass nail files simply clean with a stiff brush and detergent. If you intend to use the files with more than one person then it is professional hygienic practice to sanitise and sterilised the file between each use.

We currently stock 48 attractive glass nail files in 6 destictive designs  

There is a design and colour combination to suit everyone. Each of our files are imported from the heart of the Bohemian crystal manufacturing regions of Europe and are manufactured using genuine Swarovski crystals. Please browse our 6 core file designs below: