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Acrylic Nail Art Paint


Looking for a Way to Differentiate Your Nail Art Designs from the Rest of the Pack? Then try One Stroke Acrylic Nail Paints.

Then consider offering bespoke hand painted nail art designs! The rage in the nail industry today, One Stroke Nail Art. It is a painting technique that creates beautiful and unique  nail designs, and best of all you do not have to be a natural artist to achieve amazing results!, it’s about practice and developing techniques!

Begin by developing a few core one stroke nail designs which you can easily modify and perhaps offer in different colour schemes. We have seen many awesome designs, and some of the best we have seen recently have been created by newly trained nail technicians just coming into the industry. Pinterest and nail art blogs are a great source for one stroke nail art inspiration. Visit our One Stroke Nail Art Pinterest Page.

It's No Secret. Bespoke Hand Painted One Stroke Nail Art Command Premium Margins!

It's interesting to note that clients feel generally more valued and therefore loyal to a salon or nail technician that can deliver a unique set of nails and design just for them.

'The Nail Art Company' Stocks Maimeri Polycolor Acrylic One Stroke Nail Art Paints. Yay!

The core product is of course the acrylic paints and we have gone to some lengths to secure what are arguably the finest on the market today, sourced direct from Italy. Maimeri have been producing professional grade paints for artists since 1923, and it happens that these particular laboratory developed acrylic paints are highly suited to the application of nail art. These paints give the modern nail artist the freedom to create truly exquisite designs with light fast colours that can be intermixed freely.

Polycolor nail art paints contain a special ultra fine acrylic emulsion binder, a high technology product which dries to produce an extremely strong, resistant, supple, opaque film. All pigments are highly concentrated to offer excellent coverage and maximum colour impact.

So What Do You Need to Get Started in Hand Painted Acrylic Nail Art?

  • A variety of Polycolor Acrylic One Stroke Nail Art Paints
  • A set of quality nail art brushes of various sizes
  • A mixing pallet and some clean water
  • Oh, and of course some nails to paint!

We have a great collection of One Stroke Acrylic Nail Art Paints. Choose from over 30 Colours.

The Nail art Company stocks over 30 colours, hues and shades to choose from and with a little practice it’s possible to mix any colour you desire! You can have a lot of fun being creative with designs and colouring. Our range of Polycolour paints come in smart 20 ml aluminium tubes, and because the pigments used are so rich and vibrant they should also last you a very long time.

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