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Another Great Nail Art idea. It's Not Nail Glitter It's Nail Flitter!


For a successful nail art business to thrive, delivering a versatile range of designs and styles is an absolute must. Flitter nail art products really can help todays nail technician to truly deliver. So What exactly is Nail Art Flitter? Well its certainly attractive and reflective just like nail glitter, but that is where the comparisons ends.

Our Nail Flitter products are actually ultra thin strips / strands of coloured reflective material. Nail Glitters on the other hand are punched or ground reflective material. Flitter delivers a totally unique look and catches the light and sparkles with a real energy in a totally different way to that of glitters. Today its glitter with rock star nails that's the rage. Flitter will surely be next.

We have three shapes of Nail Art Flitter. Flitter (24 Colours), Rhombus (12 Colours) and Square (12 Colours), that's 48 varieties to experiment with! We sell all our Nail Art Flitter products in 5g clear plastic pots with secure screw top lids.

Nail Flitter will add another really valuable nail art technique that is guaranteed to get your work noticed, and importantly your customers talking. When I was working 9 til 9 as a mobile nail technician, 7 times out of 10, new business leads came from client referrals. People who had noticed my clients nails in shopping centres and the like, been recommended and then visited my website. The result, I welcomed my new clients. The point I am making is, it's the varied nail art techniques that will get you noticed as a serious nail technician and ultimately improve your nail business.

Nail art Flitter is compatible with both Gel and Acrylic nail techniques and is suitable for both manicures and pedicures. Flitter can be secured with nail art adhesive or encapsulated the option is yours.