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Nail Art Stickers


Welcome to our Nail Sticker section where you will find a huge selections of designs and patterns to choose from.

How To Apply Nail Stickers

All our nail art stickers come on a stiff plastic sheet and are well laid out ready for applications.

Using a pair of tweezers or an orange stick, gently remove your chosen nail sticker design from the plastic backing sheet and to place them directly onto the nail. You need to be quite accurate as you place the sticker as they cannot be moved around easily once placed.

Don't worry too much if your not happy with a particular sticker placement as each of the 'The Nail Art Company' sticker sheets comes with plenty of stickers and you can just use another one.

Once satisfied with the placement of the stickers, gently pat it down with small amounts of pressure from the centre of the sticker out so that you expel any trapped air. This is an important step as it will ensure the stickers have a good bond and won't lift, and secondly will ensure no little air bubbles appear and get trapped in any nail polish or top coat. Use an orange stick as required to push out any trapped air. This same procedure should be used for both small and large nail sticker designs.

For the greatest adhesion between nail sticker and the clients nails, always try to apply nail stickers before the varnish is completely dry and on to very clear nails. The surface needs to be at least touch dry so that it doesn't smudge but not completely dry. Drying time will depend on the polish you are using and the type of nail you are applying it to (natural vs gel or acrylic).

Finally to seal the nail sticker we advise a good quality Top Coat! We suggest applying two layers of top coat and advising clients to look after their nails.

You can choose to place the tiny designs on Gel, Acrylic enhancements or top of nail polish or direct onto the natural nail.

It is always a good idea to test new products with your chosen nail system. This will ensure you get some application practice whilst giving you some creative ideas about which designs work best so that you are prepared for your clients.

Why not try out a number of designs using our nail art displays, these are ideal for this task and give you something to show your clients to demonstrate your nail art creativity whilst also helping them to choose a design.

There are many different types of nail art stickers and each behaves slightly differently. For example some of our sticker ranges are 3D or have small rhinestones so they are ever so slightly raised. This makes then more susceptible to wear and tear. Something for you to consider explaining to your clients.

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