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Striping Tape


Nail Art Tapes Are a Flexible Super Quick Nail Art Product That You Can Use To Jazz Up Your Nails In An Instant

Nail Art Striping Tapes are used to create fine line decorations on nails or in your nail art designs, and are considered an inexpensive and essential nail art product for any budding nail art enthusiast or professional nail technician. Nail Striping Tapes are easy and quick to apply as one side has a self adhesive backing, so no glue is needed.

What Are Nail Art Striping Tapes?

Nail Art Tapes are very thin tapes that usually measure 1 mm wide. They are commonly found in many attractive colours, patterns and finishes and are usually supplied on convenient 20 metre rolls, which we can assure you will last you a very long time!

How to Apply Nail Art Striping Tapes

Striping Tapes and Rolls are versatile and can be applied directly on top of gel or acrylic nail extensions or can if you choose be embedded. Simply find the end of the tape and lift the end off the roll. Apply the tape to the nail and pull and roll the tape across the nail then trim to fit and your done. If you choose to apply nail art tape directly on top of a nail then we suggest once you're happy with the positioning you keep it in place with a coat of slow drying nail art sealer. This greatly enhances longevity. Nail Art Tapes can also be used as reverse masks with nail polsih and are compatible with UV Gels.

How to Remove Nail Art Striping Tape

Nail tape is easily removed. Just soak off the product as you would for any gel, acrylic nails or nail polish using a soak off tray, foil soak off wraps or wearable nail soakers. As always do your bit for the planet and dispose of any waste with consideration to the environment.

Individual Colours or 18 Colours Sets. You Choose

We have a fabulous pallet of 18 gorgeous nail art tapes in vivid plain, highly reflective, shiny and patterned colours to choose from. More than enough to cater for most colour combinations a nail salon is likely to see. Each colour is available separately or perhaps opt for the 18 colour set which offers better value. We have included some images of the nail art tapes we sell applied to some nail tips so you can get an idea of what the tape will look like on your nails. Be sure to check them out, we're sure you will agree they make a fantastic difference.

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