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Nail Glitters


Are You Nail Glitter Mad? Well You're Not Alone. We're Nail Glitter Addicts Too!

Clients have varying tastes when it comes to nail glitters. Some like ultra fine glitter dusts, some like really chunky and the others somewhere in between. Then there are all the different colours to consider! Pastels, vivid, rainbow and neon's.

To cater for all the different manicure and pedicure tastes and requirements we stock six distinct types in a multitude of colours. 156 to be exact. Now if that's not the definition of nail glitter addicts, then what is?

With so many nail glitters to choose from it can all get a little confusing, so to make sense of the incredible range of nail glitters available. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the following synopsis.

Ultra Glitter Dust 0.1 mm - The finest grade nail glitter available and contains particles that measure just 0.1 mm. These deliver a finish that is more of a shimmer, understated but sophisticated and similar to a fine metallic paint.

Fine Glitter Dust 0.2 mm - The next grade up we really like is Fine Glitter Dust. The glitter particles in this nail glitter range measure 0.2 mm. The sparkles in this nail glitter series are starting to get more noticeable.

Normal Glitter Powder 0.3 mm - This is the staple of any professional nail technicians across the world! This is the most common size grade used in the nail industry today. The glitter particles are large enough to refract light to definitely get you noticed.

Hexagon Glitter 1 mm - Now we're getting into the serious end of nail glitter territory! These seriously grab peoples attention! Hexagon Glitter. The number of random ladies that approach and stop me on the weekly shop and ask where I get my glitter nails done when sporting these light bending hexagons is quite ridiculous. Our rnage of Hexagon Glitters are precision punched shapes that measure about 1 mm in size and come in an array of colours.

Max Hexagon Glitter 2 mm - Now, not for the faint hearted there is Max Glitter. These are similar to the 1 mm Hexagon Nail Glitters but measure twice the size at 2 mm. Were talking mega chunky sparkles. Were talking traffic distracting sparkles. It's all you can do not to keep looking at your nails all day when you're sporting this nail art product.

Mixed Glitter Powder - Mixed glitters are the latest innovation in the nail glitter world. They are a beautiful blended mix of Ultra Glitter Dust, Fine, Normal and Hexagon Glitters. These unique glitter blends take the benefits of all and deliver as one for sparkle effects that have to be seen to be believed.