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Striping Polish


How do you create those fine lines, and stripe patterns?

Wonder no more! consider using our Nail Striping Polishes. The Nail Art Company stocks a colourful range of 24 colours of Nail art stripers. Polish colours include some outrageous plain colours, metallic and also some that contain glitter sparkles!

Each glass bottle contains approximately 10ml of striping polish. You don’t need any special brushes as the bottle lid features a built in striping brush to help you create star bursts, zebra and strip like patterns quickly and with easy. The best things features is that they are very clean to use with no preparation and with 10ml per bottle should last quite some time.

You will probably have noticed that a striping brush is different to a normal brush; for example it is longer and thinner than a regular nail art brush. The striping brush is designed this way to create long flowing thin lines whilst retaining enough polish so your lines do not run out.

So how do you use nail art striping polishes?

Using a nail striping polish couldn’t be simpler. Creating thin pattern lines is really easy with a simple flick technique. Like all new things its best to experiment before taking your new nail striping skills to the client. Try creating lines with different thicknesses and draw speeds so you can find a technique you like and get comfortable with. Be aware that like all nail polishes using light colours on darker backgrounds often requires several layers to build up the pigment layers, therefore for best results consider using darker coloured nail striping polish on lighter backgrounds. For best results use the nail stripers on nail finishes that have fully dried.

So what do you need to get started in nail striping?

  • A selection of nail striping polishes and some nails to paint.
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