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Water Decal Nail Tip Wraps


Water Decal Nail Tip Wraps are designed to accentuate the nail tips and require no special tools or skills to apply. They are a perfect solution for creating occasional nail art on the fly.

These water nail decals are for application to the nail tip and deliver instant style perfect for a night out or nail art in a hurry. To apply all you need is some basic tools, clean water and a top coat. Choose from a colourful range of designs, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and style.

Add this new nail art product to your growing repertoire of nail services, sell them in your salon or try them at home. They are fun to apply and look fabulous.

How to Apply Water Decal Nail Tip Wraps

Water Decal Nail Tip Wraps are easy to apply. The process involves some simple straight forward steps and as with most things it's really easy when you know how.

  1. Begin by preparing your working area. Prep all the nails in the normal way and decide if you would like a base colour for a background. If you do, apply a coat of your chosen nail polish and let dry. If you don't want a colour then a apply a base coat. Now you’re ready to apply the water decal nail tip wraps.
  2. Choose a nail tip wrap that best fits the nail you are working on. If required trim the wrap with a pair of scissors to suit the nail shape.
  3. Remove the clear protective cover from the wrap and place it into a shallow dish of clean water for 5-10 seconds. Pick up the nail tip decal and holding it between your thumb and index finger gently begin to rub it. After a few seconds it should gently begin to slide off the backing paper.
  4. Place the nail tip wrap onto the nail. You will have about 30 seconds to position and place the wrap to your satisfaction before it begins to dry out. Once you're happy with the position dab away any excess water with an absorbent nail pad or paper towel.
  5. Now were ready to secure the decal with a top coat and this is where the magic happens! Apply your favourite top coat quickly in long strokes. You will notice the wrap begin to soften, the wrinkles and edges blend into one another and you are left with a beautifully smooth nail surface. Don't over do it with the top coat or you will smudge the nail decal. File the edge of your nails using a glass nail file in a downward direction. Voilà - Beautiful instant nail tip nail art.
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